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Fig Leaf


It's September and with our skin still tanned we savor the fruit that marks the transition between summer and autumn. Soft and velvety, with its bright colors it brings joy and gives pleasure at the first taste. The sugary notes bring the mind back to childhood, when a sweet was enough to find a smile again.

The fig tree, symbol of rebirth and strength, linked to the theme of original sin, has an ancient history.

The Egyptian sun god Ra was reborn every day from the fig tree. The Greeks considered it the food of

philosophers, as its pulp was a precious nourishment for the soul, body and mind, so much so that Plato himself recommended it to his students.

Its rough and deep green leaves release a fresh, dense and enveloping aroma. An inebriating scent, the slightly mischievous whiteness of fig milk seduces and almost deludes that you are kissed by the sun on a wild beach on the Chalkidiki peninsula.