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  • Scents At Home
    Elevate Your Home Ambience and Mood with Scents: A Manisante Guide. In the world of beauty and self-care, we often focus on skincare routines, makeup, and haircare. However, one aspect of beauty th...
  • Skincare
    Taking care of yourself is the first secret to feeling good with others and MANISANTE is committed every day to bringing well-being and harmony to small beauty rituals. Thanks to its Made in Italy and vegan products, created with precious and natural ingredients, we want everyone to feel at ease in their own skin and find the right balance.
  • Cedar
    After the rain, everything is silent in the woods, an apparent calm so as not to frighten the shy rays of the sun that appear from the tops of majestic trees. Serious and confident, the cedars dominate the forests.
  • Fig Leaf
    It's September and with our skin still tanned we savor the fruit that marks the transition between summer and autumn. Soft and velvety, with its bright colors it brings joy and gives pleasure at the first taste. The sugary notes bring the mind back to childhood, when a sweet was enough to find a smile again.